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Photograph of Laura Josepha Hendricx


Laura Hendricx
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce nr.: 30286347
BTW-nr. (VAT): NL170567072B01
+31 6 33 05 77 06


I was born in August 1972. I graduated from highschool May 1991 and then went to university to study Philosophy. The first website I built was published in October 1998. My job (apart from Josepha.nl) is management assistent/project manager at Utrecht University, Corporate Office ICT.


Computers began to attract my attention when I was about 15 years old, when we had a Macintosh Classic at home. The use of a graphical interface to organize everything was amazing, and we can't image life without it today. The first computer I bought for myself was a Windows-machine though; I bought it in 1997. I worked and played a lot with computers ever since. In 2003 I gave a computer training for beginners, that I developed myself, and the computer I use today I built from scratch from components.


In 1991 I met the founder of Knoware, one of the first internet providers in the Netherlands. He was in the process of setting up his business, and I helped him with the administration. He told me a lot about the internet, and the possibilities it offered. Everyone would have a voice, no-one would be limited by boundaries, taboos and censorship. I especially liked (and still like) the idea of communities. In 1997 I joined a BBS, a system where the members can exchange digital messages via a telephone line. The web forum was not yet invented. Some time after that, I joined several mailinglists. In this time, I started to build websites.

Curious and eager to learn

I basically taught myself how to build websites. A friend showed me a few principles of building websites, and I searched for more information and experimented a lot. The way a (good) website is organized intrigues me; this is the same way as in a (scientific) article or book. You can easily find your way, and know at a glance who the owner of the website is, and what he or she has to offer.


I like setting up something new, and hand the completed project over to someone for everyday maintanance. In every project, big or small, one runs into unexpected situations, and I like examining them and solving problems. At my job at Utrecht University, we use the project management method Prince2. In October 2008, I completed the Prince2 Foundation training.


When someone has a question or a problem, I like to help them find an answer or a solution, by actively looking for alternatives and unexpected angles. It's one of my specialities to help someone that's starting up a business to find their identity and to create a style for their business, a so-called corporate identity.

Work experience

Utrecht University (1 January 2000 - present)

Werklozenbond ('Union for the unemployed', 1 November 1997 - April 2004), an advocacy group for the unemployed, based in Utrecht. I set up and maintained the website, helped improve the internal communication, was involved in political activities, edited a lot of articles for our newsletter, set up the administration of the members, and gave a computer training. From 1998 until April 2004 I was a member of the board (secretary), and as such the employer of the two employees of the Werklozenbond. (Most of the people who worked there were volunteers.)

ADHD stichting (end 2002 - 2006), an advocacy group for people with ADHD. As a member of the board (secretary) I helped develop our vision and strategies, and I made some changes to the website. We made connections with other organizations and convinced them to work together internationally and to use knowledge management.

Schakels (March - May 2003), consultancy organization for volunteers in the Province of Utrecht. I gave a computer training that I developed myself for a group of clients of Schakels.

Vrijwilligerscentrale Utrecht ('Volunteers Central Utrecht', 1998), consultancy and 'employment' organization for volunteers. I was an 'intermediary' for volunteers who looked for a voluntary job, and I helped my co-workers when they had questions or problems regarding the computer.

Knoware (1992 - 1995), starting internet provider. In the first year, I helped with the administration, and later on I incidentally did some small jobs for Knoware.



Listening to music, singing (in a choir or alone), reading, writing, cooking, digital photography.