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Laura Hendricx
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce nr.: 30286347
BTW-nr. (VAT): NL001936811B62
+31 6 33 05 77 06

The way I work


If you consider to have your website built by Josepha.nl, you can contact Josepha.nl. We'll have a meeting for a first orientation. Josepha.nl has her office in Utrecht, but the meeting might be elsewhere if that is more convenient for you. Together, we find out what you expect from the website, and what you imagine the website to look like, and how you would like to manage the content once the site is online. If you already have your own corporate identity (a logo, your own colours, preferred font, etc.), I will use that for the design. If you'd like someone you know to make the design, I can cooperate with him or her and use their design for the website. We will also discuss the target group and the goal of the website.

After this meeting I will send you an offer. If you agree, we sign the contract, in which is also stated what we agree upon when you are not satisfied with my work.
Then I will start the actual work, sometimes alone, sometimes together with Michel de Vink, with whom I cooperate frequently. After two to four weeks the website can be online.

Some examples of websites Josepha.nl built, can be found in my portfolio.


First I will arrange a domain name and webhosting for you. Your website will have an address like www.yourname.com.
Then you and I decide a logical layout for the information on your website. I make the design, you send me the text, and we decide if your website needs images, and where.
For building the website I use techniques such as css, php, mysql, html and javascript.
I will keep you posted about the work, and you review and correct the website. You can visit the website from home or work with a password, making it invisible to other visitors. I will not put it online until you're completely satisfied with the content and the design. From that moment, other visitors and search engines like Google are able to visit the website. I will also submit your website to several search engines, to make sure it will appear in the search results as soon as possible.

With the domain name you get one or several e-mail addresses. I can configure the addresses for you, and manage the options on your computer so you can receive the e-mails.

Maintenance of an existing website

If you already have a website (built by me or someone else), I can do the maintenance for you. You simply let me know when something needs to be changed or added, and I implement the change. You can e-mail me a text or a picture etc., or let me know the changes on the phone.

If the website is built by someone else, I will also review the entire website for accessibility, which will also make it more easy to find for search engines like Google.


There is also the possibility for a CMS (Content Management System), so you can easily change the content of the website yourself and add new pages. (I like to work with WordPress, Mambo or Joomla.) I will set up the CMS for you, and give you instructions on how to use it. You probably won't need me anymore after the instructions, but of course I am always available if you have any questions!

The offer

Of course the costs of my work are variable, and depend on your wishes: the less work I have to do, the less it will cost. An indication:

Extra pages, or changes after publication of the website can be agreed upon later, salary: 48 euros per hour excl. BTW (VAT).