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Photograph of Laura Josepha Hendricx


Laura Hendricx
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce nr.: 30286347
BTW-nr. (VAT): NL001936811B62
+31 6 33 05 77 06


After graduating from highschool in 1991 I studied Philosophy at the universiy. The first website I built was published in October 1998. Apart from my work at Josepha.nl, I've held several positions at Utrecht University, Corporate Office Information and Technology Services (ITS), such as project manager, demand manager, and my current position is software asset manager.


Computers began to attract my attention when I was about 15 years old, when we had a Macintosh Classic at home. The use of a graphical interface to organize everything was amazing, and we can't image life without it today. The first computer I bought for myself was a Windows-machine though; I bought it in 1997. I worked and played a lot with computers ever since. In 2003 I gave a computer training for beginners, that I developed myself, and some of the computers I used at home I built from scratch from components.


In 1991 I met the founder of Knoware, one of the first internet providers in the Netherlands. He was in the process of setting up his business, and I helped him with the administration. He told me a lot about the internet, and the possibilities it offered. Everyone would have a voice, no-one would be limited by boundaries, taboos and censorship. I especially liked (and still like) the idea of communities. In 1997 I joined a BBS, a system where the members can exchange digital messages via a telephone line. The web forum was not yet invented. Some time after that, I joined several mailinglists. In this time, I started to build websites.

Curious and eager to learn

I basically taught myself how to build websites. A friend showed me a few principles of building websites, and I searched for more information and experimented a lot. The way a (good) website is organized intrigues me; this is the same way as in a (scientific) article or book. You can easily find your way, and know at a glance who the owner of the website is, and what he or she has to offer.


I like setting up something new, and hand the completed project over to someone for everyday maintanance. In every project, big or small, one runs into unexpected situations, and I like examining them and solving problems. I've completed the Prince2 Practitioner Training, a project management method, which helps me structure any project at the university and for Josepha.nl.


When someone has a question or a problem, I like to help them find an answer or a solution, by actively looking for alternatives and unexpected angles. It's one of my specialities to help someone that's starting up a business to find their identity and to create a style for their business, a so-called corporate identity.

Work experience

Utrecht University (1 January 2000 - present)

Werklozenbond ('Union for the unemployed', 1 November 1997 - April 2004), an advocacy group for the unemployed, based in Utrecht. I set up and maintained the website, helped improve the internal communication, was involved in political activities, edited a lot of articles for our newsletter, set up the administration of the members, and gave a computer training. From 1998 until April 2004 I was a member of the board (secretary), and as such the employer of the two employees of the Werklozenbond. (Most of the people who worked there were volunteers.)

ADHD stichting (end 2002 - 2006), an advocacy group for people with ADHD. As a member of the board (secretary) I helped develop our vision and strategies, and I made some changes to the website. We made connections with other organizations and convinced them to work together internationally and to use knowledge management.

Schakels (March - May 2003), consultancy organization for volunteers in the Province of Utrecht. I gave a computer training that I developed myself for a group of clients of Schakels.

Vrijwilligerscentrale Utrecht ('Volunteers Central Utrecht', 1998), consultancy and 'employment' organization for volunteers. I was an 'intermediary' for volunteers who looked for a voluntary job, and I helped my co-workers when they had questions or problems regarding the computer.

Knoware (1992 - 1995), starting internet provider. In the first year, I helped with the administration, and later on I incidentally did some small jobs for Knoware.



Listening to music, singing (in a choir or solo), reading, writing, cooking, editing Wikipedia