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Laura Hendricx
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce nr.: 30286347
BTW-nr. (VAT): NL001936811B62
+31 6 33 05 77 06

Judge Smith

Judge Smith

Judge Smith

Judge Smith, Songwriter, Composer and Performer, has been making innovative, unusual and entertaining music since the late '60s, when he co-founded the influential band Van der Graaf Generator.

Judge was looking for a new webmaster, to manage the website and add new pages. He wanted to keep the design as it was. He chose me because I offer exactly what he was looking for: a simple approach with a 'no-frills'-concept, and love for my job. On top of that, I'm a big fan of Judge's music! I cleaned up the whole website, set it up in php and css to make sure the lay-out is consistent throughout the whole site, and added a lot of new pages about new CD's.

You can find the site on www.judge-smith.com