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Laura Hendricx
Utrecht, the Netherlands
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Ludi Cantare

Ludi Cantare

Ludi Cantare

This women's choir from De Bilt/Bilthoven was founded in 1984. It's an amateur's choir which has a mixed repertoire, with classical and modern music; Baroque music, Classical music, Romantic music, 20th century classical music and Popular music. 'Ludi Cantare' means 'playful singing', which means this choir really enjoys itself! From the summer of 2006, Ad Bethlehem is conductor of Ludi Cantare.

When I joined the choir in 2008, they did not have their own website. The commission for publications really wanted to have a website, but didn't know how to handle this. They wanted to put a lot of information that they collected over the years on the website, and they wanted a navigation menu in 'blocks' on the left, transforming from dark blue to light green.

I registered the domain name, set up the e-mail addresses, set up a mailinglist for all the members, and built the website, in cooperation with the commission for publications. I built the site with html, php and css for techniques.

The website can be found on www.ludicantare.nl.